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December 2, 2011

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December 19, 2008

sweet pic, eh?

The Ultimate Talent Show

November 12, 2008

i know…we love talent shows at our retreat…but we’ve never had ‘tryouts’ for them…
pretty sweet attempt here…

(ht to stevan)

Sansa View 8gb

November 7, 2008

2 years ago I bought Brandi a refurbished Sansa e250 2gb mp3 player for Christmas. It was great! I got it for $35, and then signed up for a credit card to get $30 off…so it was $5!

Today, has an 8gb Sansa View (refurbished) for $50.  If you’re looking for a cheap mp3 player that looks good and sounds pretty good…look into it.  Best of all you can put in an 8gb micro sd (or sdhc) card to double the capacity.

Ok.  I’m off my soapbox.  (but you should buy this for someone for Christmas!)

One more thing:  I have an 8gb micro sdhc card that I bought and can’t use.  I’ll sell it to you for $15.  Let me know.

Just saw this

November 6, 2008

This is for John Sproul:

I voted…with a heavy heart

November 4, 2008

Did that happen to anyone else?  I did, however, receive a pretty sweet sticker for my heavy heart.

Cold Showers, Football, and Worship

October 16, 2008

No joke…I’m pretty excited about our Senior High retreat coming up October 31-November 2. We have lots of new students that I’d love to see connected after this weekend (not to mention connected to God!).

Here’s the graphic for our weekend: